Monday, 1 June 2015

Update: Changes to the blog.

Hi guys, it's been ages since I've posted on here. I've made some changes to the blog, including a name change and post overhaul. I mainly posted about beauty but I enjoyed sharing the occasional lifestyle post which I much preferred making and they're always my favourite to read about. 
Me and my friend, Nadine, both had separate blogs, but given that we spend a lot of time together and any lifestyle posts I wrote would include her, we decided to combine our blogs. 

So in this post I'd like to introduce Nadine. Nadine had her daughter Scarlett in February last year, making her 15 months old as of now. When Nadine was pregnant she moved from the flat she shared with her fiance into a more appropriate family home. So for the past 1-2 years she's had a complete life upheaval. They took their new home back to brick and are still in the process of getting it where they want it to be. Nadine and I went to Sunderland University together to study Law, and she had Scarlett after graduating. Since then I've spent a lot of time with her, becoming Godmother to her baby and going on lots of days out together. It therefore makes sense for us to combine our blogs, due to our shared interests.

Since becoming a Mummy and moving into her new home, Nadine is keen to share some baby and home related posts. This means there should be a good balance of topics, from baby to beauty, cooking, and home decor. We'll also take you along on any days out. 

Here's a picture of us on the night Memories & Mojito's was created. We were several cocktails in at this point and were having a bit of a paper night, hence the uncanny resemblance to Shrek and Fiona. 

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