Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Home Haul

Hi guys and welcome to my first home haul. I've been picking up bits and bobs for the house lately and thought I'd share with you my finds.

I will start off with the items I bought for the lounge/family room, I chose a brown,gold, mink and burnt orange theme for this room and just love how middle eastern it looks:


This first item, I bought for the arm chair, it's this gorgeous faux silk burnt orange pillow. This was found in Next for £12, a real bargain I must say, it's extremely thick and comfy and excellent quality for the price, it slotted in perfectly with my theme so I just had to have it.


I bought two of the above cushion for the sofa, another gorgeous burnt orange colour, however, these are in a chinelle texture, they look very luxurious and add another dimension of texture, despite being the same colour as the previous pillow. I got these at Marks and Spencer for £18 each.


Again, these mink coloured pillows were for the sofa so I bought 2 of them. These were the biggest bargains of the haul as they were found in B&M for £7.99 each!!!! They are rather large and have a shaggy texture to them, adding more interest to the sofa and complementing the pop of burnt orange perfectly. They do tend to shed a little, however, for the price, I really can't complain.


I fell in love with these Morrocan lanterns the minute I saw them. For my birthday, I asked for any furniture people were willing to buy me in order to get the house completed quicker and my sister knew I had my eye on these so bought them for me. These beauties were found at Sainsburys at £25 for the large lantern and £16 for the small. These are amazing value for money and added to the eastern theme I was going for.

The next items I got were for the hall, I'm going for a grey and white theme as I have dark grey carpets up the stairs so had to buy these items when I saw them:



This gorgeous, high pile, shaggy runner was found in Ikea at an amazing £40. I fell in love with this immediately and knew it would match the carpet perfectly, bring the stair carpet down to the wood flooring, tying everything together. I have a long hallway up to the foot of the stairs and another hall way along the side of the stairs so bought two of these runners, one for each stretch of hall. They look fabulous and I was lucky to get the second runner, ex-display from the bargain corner for £30. Always start at the end of Ikea, you never know what bargains you may grab yourself.



This half moon table was also a birthday gift from my sister, it's a gorgeous French Louis style table, as you will soon find out - I'm obsessed with this style of furniture. It's very luxurious and feminine, adding a boutique feel to any room. This was bought with the intention of going into the hallway with a big lamp on as it is finished but for the moment, it resides in our storage room. This piece is part of he Toulouse collection from Dunelm Mill. It was bought for £69 and I can't wait to buy the matching console table. This furniture gives a very expensive look to your home for very little cost. Yet another bargain. 

That's it for my first home haul, I will be happy to do more of these posts as I buy for the house, thanks for reading, take care.

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