Saturday, 29 August 2015

Ed Sheeran @ Wembley and London!

Hi guys!
In July I went to see Ed Sheeran at Wembley stadium and spent a few days in London. I do love Ed Sheeran but my main reason for going was just to spend some time in London, I absolutely love London but don't often get the chance to go due to mine and friends' commitments and obviously cost because it's not bloody cheap!

Here's some of the pictures I got while I was there.

We tried to do as many touristy things we could given the short time we were there, so of course we had to go in the London Eye. Luckily the weather was amazing so the views were great.

We also went to some great bars and pubs. Since we went during a little heat wave, my favourite was the ice bar, more for the relief from the heat than the novelty of being in a room made of ice!

And of course the main event! We were so high up I was terrified for my life but the atmosphere was amazing. Also, Elton John came on stage for a couple of songs which was the absolute best part, I love Elton John!

We also went to visit the Tower of London which is like heaven for a history geek like me. Unfortunately we were short on time so we couldn't really explore the place, I'd have liked to do a tour and queue to see the Crown Jewels. I'm definitely going to go back and spend the entire day there!

Obligatory hotel selfie. 

Thanks for reading!

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