Wednesday, 10 June 2015

DIY Caffeine Body Scrub | Anti Cellulite, Exfoliating and Moisturising

Since we're fast approaching Summer and with that comes swimsuits, we've been loving this DIY scrub to help combat cellulite! The exfoliating properties will eliminate dry skin, which will help you to develop and maintain your tan. Helping to achieve that Summer glow!

Caffeine is renowned for tackling cellulite. It tightens and provides anti-oxidants, when applied regularly. It's also been found that caffeine can actually break down fat cells, just google it if you want any more information on the topic. 

The best thing about this scrub is that the ingredients are the kind of things that you're likely to have at home anyway. If not they're cheap enough to buy in comparison to a scrub from a shop and given the amount you can make with your ingredients. 

To make this scrub you will need;-
1/4 cup demarera sugar 
1/4 cup soft brown sugar
1/2 cup coconut oil
1/2 cup coffee - you can use any coffee, I'd recommend buying a cheap brand because all you need is the caffine. 
For added moisture you could also add 1/4 cup of coco butter.

These are rough measurements, as long as you get the ratio of products right then you can adjust to fit the container that you'll be using. We used a fairly small pot, so adjusted the amounts to fit in. It may be helpful to combine your dry ingredients in the container before mixing, to avoid waste. 

First, heat your coconut oil in the microwave for just a few seconds until it's melted. Then leave to cool down but before it hardens, add your dry ingredients. Mix well and transfer into a suitable container before placing in the fridge to set. 
Keep the product in the fridge and use within approx. 3 days. 

We love this scrub! It makes your skin feel so smooth and hydrated. Make sure to use this in the shower because it can get pretty messy! We found it worked best when you washed first, then step away from the water while you work in the scrub for a good few minutes. Then make sure you rinse well. Pat dry so you don't rub off all of the coconut oil which will continue to moisturise you throughout the day. Nadine added coco butter into her scrub and found that she didn't need to use any additional moisturuser after the shower. 
Let us know if you try this or you have any suggestions of other scrubs we could try.

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